Thursday, June 29, 2006

A fishing boat heading out and over the Coos River Bar. Although Small Craft Warning are up, it's very calm on the water today. I've been across this bar when you couldn't even see the North or South Jetty's because the surf was so high..Very glad those days are over!
The CG lookout at the mouth of the Coos River. The Small Craft Warning flag is hoisted. Slots is snapping up some pictures.
Slots at Cape Arago. From here you can hear the Sea Lions barking down on the rocks.
Paul (Slots) at one of the boat harbers in Charleston, OR.
Taken through the kitchen window..Julie sits in the sun!
Mouth of the Umpqua River..The Umpqua Bar. In the V between the jetty''s is an oyster farm. This is great sand dune country, with hundreds of ATV's all sorts of sand buggies. There are organized trails, race tracks, and all sorts of places to go and things to do here.
Slots at Umpqua River Lighthouse..This is near Winchester Bay, Oregon
The new Nomad is undergoing some changes..Air adapter, Dragon III with K&N filter, Black magic voltage stabilizer, A "plug and play" TFI. Vance and Hines Dual Baggers. All emission stuff gone and Coasters installed. New oil and filter, and a few other goodies. If all goes well, He will pick it up tomorrow. (Friday)
Guy pointout where the water leak was. A hose up on top of the engine..Dripping down and showing up near the pump. He's going to repair the leak, then pressure test the system to make sure it's not going to leak any more.
I'm still excited about the possiblity of this being the newest "World's Fastest Indian". We'll know by sometime in September this year!
Slots (Paul Manske). He put on around 700 miles today, wanted to get into Reedsport before closing to drop off his bike..It's headed for a new air kit (Dragon III) a new style TFI, a Black Magic, coasters, Dual Baggers, a service and water leak repair. He'll be spending a few days here in Coos Bay in the Travel Supreme. We went out for a Mexican food dinner tonight, then visited until midnight!
This is one of the bikes that just got the Mean Streak engine. Both brothers are very happy with the way they run! Bikes are almost identical. One brother lives in Phoenix, the other in Fresno, CA. They brought the both to SCP for the installs. Slots is checking everything out.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My new favorite thing! Cruising Wal-mart in the electric chair! It needs a little CLAP, and a better horn. Could use a lot of performance mods, it moves like a slug. Oh well, I can now get my Wally World fixes and not have to gimp around in pain doing it! I asked an Employee to take this picture, he never said a word, just looked at me like I was sort of crazy or something..When I asked him to please put the helmet back, he looked a little puzzled. Well, that's Wal-mart!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Because of the bent forks, and broken triple tree, it was very hard to roll and steer the bike. The salvage guy and his wife, Pat, and two of my neighbors were able to get it up. NOT an easy job!
It was tough getting it up on the trailer, I have good neighbors! Mark and Harry came out to help with the heavy labor! Now that it's up, the panic is over.
The insurance salvage contractor and his wife. She's from down here, so they are going to spend the night in the area before taking the bike back to the salvage yard in Salem. It may be sold or parted out. Whatever, it's not mine any more!
This will be the last picture I ever take of Kokopelli. The insurance contracted salvage trailer will arrive sometime today to take it away. Just thought I'd post a couple more pics, and one more of the helmet. I've never been a surporter of "wear a helmet", and still believe it shouldn't be a law. But, I'll probably wear one more than I have in the past. I usually couldn't wait to get to a "no helmet law" state so I could take it off.. I'm ordering a new one today. Will be the most I've ever paid for one.but since I'm turning over a new leaf....................................
There's not a piece of plastic on the bike that is still all intact. I guess I went over the left handlebar, taking things out on the way. Went far up into the air, and came down hard on my head and left side on some rocks and pavement. I don't know what cracked the pelvis. The head, ribs and shoulder breaks were undoubtedly on the impact with the hard surface.
Saved by the helmet! This is a Lazer Dragon, They sold out to AGV, which makes the same helmet now, and charges more for it. The gouges are deeper than they appear in the picture, and the face shield was totally scratched up. The helmet held together well, and due to the concusion that I had even with the helmet on, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be typing this if I had been wearing it. And.....I wasn't going all that fast at the time, was on a familier road, and not far from home.
I don't think I'll put any "End of the Trail" stickers on the new bike! Maybe Kokopelli took it literally! Sometime I felt like it at the end of a long day, but I was feeling fine at the time of the accident! (I think)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday, 9 AM on the 25th. Flyin' Willy from the Seattle area rides in for a visit. He completed the Lawman 1000, an annual event put on by a Washington State Club. Since it ended in Eugene, OR, a little over a hundred miles from Coos Bay, John rode over early for visit. Thanks for coming, John. The bike is looking good!
Because this bike used to belong to Tom Pansaras, who has a VROC nic of tc, Kelly "Thrillseeker" started calling the bike "Too Cool". So....John had this plate done up for it.
John Wilson "Flyin' Willy", A Sunday morning visit.

Friday, June 23, 2006

It's amazing what a few accessories will do for a new Vulcan 900! Does this look a little different?
Guy's wife Victoria, is taking an active part in the business! They are set up now with accounts from several suppliers. Vicky is busy with some shipping and receiving, and is becoming an expert with the catalogs. Guy and Vicky make a good team running the business. Check out there site at The web page needs to be updated, the web master is in the process of moving, it will be a while before that's done.
This is a Classic that Guy stuffed the 1600 Mean Streak engine in. He's doing two bikes that are almost exactly alike. Here, he's finishing up installing an electronic cruise control. The bike are both carburated. He ran into a snag since the cruise requires an electronic speedometer instead of cable drive. Since the 1600 was set up to use an electronic speedo, he will go inside the alternator cover, find the sending unit, then drill a hole for the wires to come out and make connection with the control unit. Guy is a Master Mechanic. SCP is a full service shop, and specializes in making the fastest Kawasaki's on the planet! (as proven at the Bonneville Salt Flats)
This is the other Classic with the 1600 Mean Streak engine. The two bike ave very similar in accessories, This one has a oval K&N, the other has a Forcewinder, which I like the looks of much better. I thing they may breath a little better too.
The VN2000 that holds a Bonneville Salt Flats record will make another attempt this September in a different class. and...the NEW World's Fastest Indian (maybe) will attemt to break the record that was set in 1967 by the New Zealand man that they made the movie about. This is a 1936 model that will be running in the same class. Owned and restored by Guy Mobbley of Sherm's Cycle Products, and ridden by Butch Cook. It is the cover bike on the May/June hard issue of there is a good article in there about the bike, owner and rider.
First Doctor visit since leaving the Hospital. This is in front of the North Bend Medical Center in Coos Bay. It was a good report. May have some surgery someday on some finger joints that had torn ligaments, but the doctor feels that I'm mending very well. I'm estimating a ride very soon!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

There's nothing behind Chuck until you get to Japan! Sunset Bay is open to the Pacific Ocean. This is about as far West as you can get on the Continental United States. Pat and I want to thank Chuck for all he had to go through to get here, and also Rubbergator for the help with the airline tickets. Also for the brisket and Texas vroc patch, the shirt, and thanks to all that signed it! Now, I'm off the the Kaw shop, it's almost High Noon!
Chuck Burt at the Charleston, OR commercial small boat harbor.
Chuck, Pat and Sherm at Dishner's in North Bend, Oregon. Chuck doesn't usually eat with his hat on (a hold hold out in respect for his mother),but he put it on for the picture :-)
We went to the Kaw shop after breakfast. This is the 900 I almost traded for last Friday when I saw it...but stuck with the Black. TODAY, Tuesday, at 1200 Noon I'll be going back to witness the uncrateing. Hmmm, maybe I should have named it "High Noon" We introduced another customer to VROC, he's upgrading from an 800 to a Vulcan. Those Chase-Harper bags don't look to bad and they are cheap too. I may go with Tourmasters, about the same, but I like the shape a little better.
A 4 egg omlette, with ham, sausage, bacon, mushrooms and onions, Lots of potatoes and smothered with sausage gravy. Toast, juice, coffee. A typical Coos Bay breakfast for us heart patients!
Chuck was up early taking pictures of some of Pat's flowers and giving her some tips on her tomato plants! He's vice President of a Nationwide chain of garden clubs, and an official judge of plants..I think he speaks with authority Also, want to apologize for misspelling his last name it's Burt..not Bert..
Welcome to your "home for the night" Chuck Bert. We had a fine visit this evening. Pat is going to show him how to work everything in the 5th wheel trailer, he's been running hard for a few days and needs a good nights sleep. Love that Texas hat! After looking it over and hearing the story, let me tell you....that ain't a hat you'd probably find at Wal-Mart!
Pat is showing Chuck a card we got from some of the PNW people. It was had made, and on it was a Harley Fatboy, with lots of parts and detail. A very unusual card! By now it's almost midnight, and Chuck is getting ready to head for the trailer.
Chuck relaxing after a long few days of riding, flying, and driving.
The back of a T shirt Chuck brought. It's the official Boscobal Rally shirt. Lots of the VROC people signed it. This will be a Keeper for sure! Chuck rode over a thousand miles yesterday, then jumped in an airplane, flew from Pocotello, ID to Idaho Falls, then to Portland, OR where he rented a car and drove 250 miles down to Coos Bay today.
Front of the Boscobal T shirt.
Chuck opens his "goodie pack" We had just returned from the Captain's Choice, Being from the middle of Texas, Chuch was craving some seafood. Since it was late when he go in, the choices of good restaurnts was a little limeted. He did manage to put away some clam chowder and a Seafood Combo that seemed to take the edge off his hunger. Love that 100% beaver hat!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Steve Gunn took this picture today. He was impressed that I can sit up. It still is very painful, but I'm doing more every day. I used the walker to make it out to the garage with him to look the bike over and take a couple of pictures. I'm here with Rosie, our little long haired overweight Chihuahua.
Kokopelli had travelled many miles between the Gold Leaf Wings on the fairing. A better picture than this was what Rubbergator used as an example to have the patch made. I had no knowledge of the patch until it was done! It did turn out nice.
This was done by Mountain Man, a pinstriper from West Virginia. He did this work at Sturgis in 02. Too bad it's wasted now!
There will never be another Kokopelli, but I may use some of the South West designs on the new bike. IF I can find a good painter!
Steve Gunn (vroc SAG) rode over for a visit today from Eugene in the Willamette Valley. He was pretty amazed at the bike damage. During this time last year, he and I were on the road enroute the RRR in Kanab, UT. He rides an 03 Classic.
This couple heard about my wreck and called to see if I was interested in selling the Kwik Kamp. They have a trike and live about a hundred miles from me. I was. They bought. I'm now into motels or tents I guess. I don't think a 900 would handle the heavy camp trailer.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

It's pretty boring when there's nothing interesting to take a picture of for the blog. Julie is in her usual place in my lap. She weighs a whole 3 pounds, 2 ounces. She's an 8 year old, Teacup Poodle, and my little sweetie. She's a little fickle though, she's been enjoying all the company!
Good Friends! Karen and Preston brought food in from a Deli for our Sunday lunch. We've spent many fun hours with this couple, been good friends for about 19 years now. Karen was just a baby! Preston rides a Voyager 12, he's put around 70K miles on it in the last 4 years, and Karen has a little 500 Vulcan. Lots of you VROC folks have met them. Karen's nic is "Bookie" I think her number is 11082.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Tom and Pat. It's been fun! Tom and Denise will be seeing some beautiful country in the next few days! Wish we were loading up Kokopelli to go with, but that won't be happening!