Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Good Greg and his sister Debbie. They came to visit us last Sunday. We had a great time! Got to know each other and they took us out to dinner. Nice folks like this really help the healing process

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I'm totally excited about this bike. Guy and Butch took it to Bonneville last year, but it didn't hold together. Since then, Guy has totally gone through it, and it's ready to give it a try again this September. It has the potential to break some of the records that Burt Munro set, he was "The Worlds fastest Indian". He didn't alway run streamliners, he also ran in this class. It will be very interesting!
I was very surprised to see the "L Lobo" bike at the Poker run in Lakeside when I was up there with Slots a couple days ago. I hadn't seen it since it was sold a year ago. The new owner hasn't ridden it much, he's a long haul trucker. Sure brought back some good memories! This is one fast motorcycle! Sort of pretty too....
A nice clean set up! and great pictures.
I really had forgot what a nice bike this is..Sort of wish I hadn't sold it now. Didn't need it then..
Ronda, karen, Pat, Bob, Preston, Sherm. Slots took this shot of the Texas/Louisiana Dinner! I've only been able to sit at a table for a few days..

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Good Bye, Slots! It's been a good visit. The bike modifications were a success. Guy and Victoria from SCP did a remarkable job of getting things here at short notice. They put aside other work and concentrated on getting all the parts in, and installed properly. The end result is a whole different Nomad! Thanks for coming and being part of the family Slots!
Those Dual Baggers from Vance and HInes look good and sound good. Slots thinks they are too noisy, but he'll get used to them He's now "On the Road Again"!
Preparing to roll. It's an overcast chilly morning. He waited until 9:45 AM for the fog to lift, but it look like one of those day that will cool on be coast all day. The hotter it is inland, the more fog we get here.
Slots with Rosie and Julie "The Girls".
Boneless Mesquite Smoked Brisket from Texas! YUM!
The Crawfish stuffed Chicken from Louisiana....YUM!
Ronda, Karen, Pat, Slots, Bob, and Preston. We're getting ready to "dig in" to our Cajun/Texas dinner! I promised Wiliedog that I wouldn't mention his generousity on the newsgroup,but this is a blog, so I can . He sent Crayfish stuffed chicken, Shrimp gumbo, Crawfish Boudin, Sugarbabe Mardi Gras Cake, and Banana Fosters Bread Pudding. Chuck Bert sent a huge Mesquite smoked brisket from Texas. We are truly blessed to have friends that provided and friends to share it with! And, it tasted as good as it sounds!
What a feast!
Guy is explaining to Slots how to set the TFI if needed. The test ride of about 16 miles is complete!
Guy Mobbley of Sherm's Cycle Products, and Slots (Paul Manske) The bike modification are complete! Road tested and ready to roll.
Sunday morning July 2, 2006. Slots is packing up the 06 Nad, with all it's new goodies installed.
Slots' farewell breakfast! He's been here several days, and has been a lot of company. His Nomad is all finished, packed and sitting in the garage. He'll wait until the morning coastal fog lifts a little, the will head on down the Oregon Coast into Northern California to see the big trees....Avenue of the Giants! Thanks for the visit Paul!.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Slot's Nomad is almost done. Guy and Victoria even cleaned and polished up all the road dirt and bugs from the last 3400+ miles. When it's totally finished I'll post a picture of the happy owner with the bike. Today is July 1, 2006.
This "Rogue" already has one Worlds Land Speed record in the class it was run in last year (2005) This September, it will be set up a little different and will make another attempt in a different class.... Guy and Butch Cook, the rider, will have these two for sure, and possible something else to take to Bonneville in September.
Is this the REAL Burt Munro? Well, no......it's Paul Manske (Slots) Actually, the bike isn't tiny, Slots is BIG
I'm very excited about this bike. If you saw the movie, this '36 Indian was similiar to some of the bikes that Burt Munro used at Bonneville. Of course, his fastest was one that had the streamliner panels on it, but the bike was very similar. In September, we'll see how this old girl does........!
We're in the Captain's Choice, getting ready to eat some Sea Food. We have a local fishing fleet here that brings it in fresh every day. This, like several other restaurants in the area have their own commercial boat to supply the needs of the customers.
There is a giant salt water fish tank in the Captain's Choice. Many beautiful fish. Out of about a dozen shots, this one turned out the best.